The experience of our consultants includes delivery of a widespread portfolio of consultancy, coaching and one-to-one support across the private, public and community sectors. We believe that consultancy is fundamentally about: making a difference, achieving a positive impact and ultimately attaining value and benefits for our clients. We have a strong track record of helping our clients succeed, change, innovate and improve. This includes:

Supporting Our Business Sector Clients in Achieving Success

We have built significant expertise in supporting existing businesses of all sizes including new start businesses. This has involved consultancy, training, coaching and mentoring support across a wide range of areas to help each business survive and thrive.

Supporting the Public Sector in Change and Improvement

Supporting a wide public service base via an extensive range of support. This includes: Organisational Analysis and Review, structural and Staffing Reviews, Business and Strategic Planning, Viability Studies and project and programme review.

Supporting Our Community Sector Clients in the Delivery of Key Services

We provide management consultancy and training services with a strong focus on the voluntary and community sectors. This has included support to community sector organisations that provide advocacy and essential services to people on matters such as: health and wellbeing, social exclusion, poverty, homelessness and crisis accommodation, addiction, crime and services to children and families.