Ian McKay of Navigate Change Consulting has launched the Winning Tenders Academy.

Ian developed the Academy in response to an identfied need for access to resources to support individuals and businesses in the writing of powerful tenders.

The Winning Tenders Academy provides access to a range of specific tendering resources that we have found give businesses the edge when tendering and bidding for contracts. These resources are designed to support you and your business in the development of powerful and winning tender documents. This includes:

Model Tender Examples: powerful and winning tender documents that can be edited and developed for your business to form your own powerful tender response. These are designed to meet the relevant tendering criteria and critically to stand out from the competition. These are fully developed tender documents and we have found that such model responses can be applied to an extensive range of businesses and support the design of winning tenders – whatever business you are in.
Tender Templates: that offer a professional structure for the development of a tender, together with guidance, hints and tips that support and guide the building of a powerful tender document that is capable of success.
Tender Sources: access to a comprehensive list of places that you can find tender opportunities. Many of these can be accessed free of charge and without any of the subscription charges that commonly go with such services.
Specific Responses: to challenging tender questions and requirements.

The Benefits of the Writing Tenders Academy
The benefits are expansive and while not an exhaustive list they include:

The resources can enhance your business’s ability and confidence to write powerful and successful tenders;
The resources can be developed and used as a sustainable and long-term tendering resource;
Tender, proposal and bid writing is now a core business skills – these resources support the development of that skill-set in your business;
Success in tendering helps to provide a more sustainable and stable foundation for your business to grow and develop.

For more information on the Winning Tenders Academy, please click here.